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Eating Cheap In New York City

Eating Cheap In New York City

If you’re up for a bit of culinary adventure, New York City can be sure to have plenty of temptations. Even a burger can be cooked in many different ways. If you’re limited on funds, try the Burger Joint on West 57th Street at the Parker Meridien Hotel (rated as the having the best burgers). Burgers are sold at bargain prices here, but cash-only is the requirement.

The Counter on First Avenue is a vegetarian restaurant that offers classy dishes meant to impress for affordable prices. They open after 5 pm during the week and at 11 am on weekends. Brunch can be bought at $4 for sides, $6 to $11 for appetizers, $10 for entrees, $7 to $12 for desserts, $2 to $4 for coffees, and $5 for a pot of tea.

The Dumpling House is economical for the weary traveler. It’s on Eldridge Street and puts emphasis on food rather than on impressive décor. You get more for your money and can concentrate on your meal instead of distractions.

The Tartine is on West 11th Street, but you may have to wait in line. They have affordable French fare, it’s a small business, and it caters more towards the young crowd. This may please your older teens traveling with you on vacation!

NHA Trang, Great New York Noodletown, and Inoteca are a few of the other places to eat on a budget. Inoteca is on Rivington Street at Ludlow, is open daily, and claims a great Italian wine bar with over 300 choices. You’ll pay from $8 for appetizers to $13 for a main dish. They offer drinks other than wine, of course, like iced tea and sodas for $2. Inoteca is said to be the best new small-plates restaurant, serving from 12 to 3 daily and starting at 10 am on weekends.

If your family groans at eating at the lower-cost restaurants, try to treat them at least once to one of the finer dining establishments you can find most anywhere in New York City. It is, after all, a special vacation time! You can find plenty of choices of any food type all over the city. Ask locals for recommendations or read reviews in magazines or newspapers. Many people are happy to share their opinions.


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