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New York City Vacation For Teens

If you’re taking a teen on vacation in New York City, you may want to access the skate parks in the area. Pier 26 Skate Park is outdoors, open after 2 pm on weekdays, and after 10 am on weekends. It’s free but does require helmets and pads for anyone under 18 years of age. It’s located at the Hudson River Park.

There’s a Riverside Skate Park at Riverside Park, which is also free and requires full safety gear. It opens around 10 or 11 am Wednesday through Sunday.

The Millennium Skate Park at Owl’s Head, Millaly Park in the Bronx, Forest Park and Rockaway in Queens, Midland Beach in Staten Island, and the Drop In Skate Park in Upstate New York are worth considering. There are 3 in Long Island.

If your teen is a water baby, he or she may enjoy the beaches in New York City. There’s Breezy Point, Brighton, Centerport, Cooper, Coney Island, Great Kills, Jones Beach, Long Beach, Main Beach, Manhattan Beach, and about 10 others. Parking fees vary from $4 to $15.

Coney Island provides more than just swimming, tanning, and sand. Special events are held there, like the Mermaid Parade Ball which costs $15 at the door. There’s the Coney Island Museum, which costs 99 cents, but is open only on weekends from 12 noon to 5 pm. Sideshows by the seashore costs $6 for adults and $4 for kids under 12. This opens at 2 pm on Fridays and 1 pm on weekends.

If your teen is more of a movie fan, they might like to check out movie locations so they can tell all their friends back home that they saw them firsthand in New York City! New York TV and Movie Sites costs $34 per ticket. Most of these type tours are offered on Fridays and weekends.

The Hard Rock Café at Times Square is a great teen-friendly atmosphere. It opens at 11 am for dining and offers merchandise shopping at 9 am. It has a wonderful collection of memorabilia on display and offers performances and special events.

Don’t forget Planet Hollywood on Times Square. It is noted as the world’s biggest intersection. It also includes a huge music store. What teen wouldn’t like that!

Your thrill seeking teen would enjoy the Shark ride at South Street Seaport’s Pier 16. It’s a 30 minute speedboat ride for $20 an adult and $14 a child (height requirement of 40”).

If your teen is a book lover, there are plenty of bookstores in New York City, along with plenty of libraries if the money is too limited to buy books! They could read books, local newspapers for news of interest to young people, or magazines while you tour the establishment.

Of course, you and your teen may enjoy a mother/father special vacation moment by allowing them the choice of live plays or cinemas for you to attend together. Just make sure you don’t crowd them too much; it is their vacation, too.


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