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Visiting Museums In New York City
Rose Center for Earth and Space

Visiting Museums In New York City

New York City has an impressive array of museums. There are at least over 100 museums to keep you busy and enlightened during your entire stay. There are museums for children, natural history, design, culture, Chinese Americans, Jewish Heritage, the American Indian, Sex, the police, the fire department, the transit system, sea-air-space, African art, biblical art, cartoon art, Asia, television and radio, architecture, fashion, science, and aquariums.

The American Museum of Natural History is something you should definitely check out during your stay in New York City. They perform scientific research, welcome educators, provide Starry Nights Live Jazz, and have a space show and a museum store among much more. Their newest feature is their mythic creatures addition. It involves dragons, mermaids, and unicorns!

If you want to send your child to a museum day camp while you’re vacationing, this museum offers this as well. Grade school children from 1st grade to 7th can spend 3 days for $325 or 5 days for $425 with an instructor per each 5 children in a group of 25. Registration is required and children must stay within their grade group. A bag lunch is required that doesn’t need refrigeration; and you get to drop your child off at 9 am; the pickup times will vary according to the session types.

The general admission of the museum supports the science and education offered there and includes 45 halls plus the Rose Center for Earth and Space. The tickets can cost $18 per adult and $12 per child, although seniors and students do receive discounts here and at most other museums.

When purchasing tickets for the AMNH, you are offered choices such as: Museum and Frogs Only, Museum and Space Shows Only, or maybe Adult and Child Programs, among others. If you buy the tickets online, you pay $4 extra per ticket.

Should you wish to experience a more affordable museum, you can learn about the Big Apple itself at the Museum of the City of New York. Admission for this museum costs $20 per family (no more than 2 adults included), $9 per adult, and free to kids 12 and under. It’s located on 5th Avenue at 103rd Street and is open Tuesday through Sunday; it’s only open Mondays on certain holidays. They willingly accommodate visitors with special needs, providing headsets, neck loops, and wheelchair lifts.

If it’s the spiritual side of New York you wish to get in tune with during your vacation, try the Museum of Biblical Art. It’s located on Broadway at 61st Street. This one also has family-friendly prices of $7 per adult and is free to those under age 12. They offer a bookstore and focus on the connection between art and religion in Jewish and Christian traditions, taking a neutral position to provide a learning ground.

Any museum you visit will be a fun and educational opportunity for both you and your child. Learning doesn’t have to be hard and serious all the time! Besides, even though you are on vacation, fun learning can make your trip more valuable.


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