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Which New York Borough Has the Best Pizza?

Which New York Borough Has the Best Pizza?

New York City has five boroughs. There is Manhattan which is where the NASDAQ and New York Stock Exchange reside. There is the Bronx, home of Yankee stadium and Rikers Island. You also have Brooklyn which is known for its luxury brownstones, Queens whose unofficial symbol is the unisphere and home to both of the New York airports and lastly Staten Island. So which of these five boroughs owns bragging rights to having the best pizza? It’s a tough call!

Most New Yorkers have narrowed it down to two of the five boroughs. While the pizza in the Bronx, Queens and Staten Island is still delicious, it seems that Brooklyn and Manhattan are the two contenders for the best pizza in New York City. The residents though of these boroughs are very touchy when it comes to who has the best pizza. Ask anyone who lives in Manhattan and they will tell you that Manhattan by far has the best pizza. Ask anyone who lives in Brooklyn who has the best pizza and of course they are going to tell you that Brooklyn has the best pizza.

You might be asking yourself, what is so different about the pizza’s that are made in these two boroughs. They are both made from dough, with pizza sauce, cheese and toppings right? Well not exactly. A lot more goes into pizza than just dough, sauce and cheese. Each pizzeria makes their pizza in their own unique way and there are some differences between the way it is made in Manhattan vs. Brooklyn

For starters, Brooklyn pizza is baked in a coal fired oven whereas Manhattan does not allow these ovens. Another factor is the fact that a majority of the pizzeria’s in Brooklyn are family owned joined whereas Manhattan has its own family own places, there are more and more chains and franchised located there. This could be due to the tourist attractions that comes in the form of Times Square.

Another big difference is that Brooklyn is known for its pies whereas Manhattan is known for the slices. While that may not sound like such a big deal to you, to pizza enthusiastic it means a lot. That is not to say you can’t get a slice of pizza in Brooklyn. In fact you can and at a great price. Most slices are priced about a dollar a slice in Brooklyn and in Manhattan they tend to run a little higher.

Brooklyn is also famous for having the type of pizza that you have to fold to eat. In fact it is a given that any slice you get must be folded so that you do not lose any of the great taste.

Most signs are pointing that you will find the best pizza in Brooklyn. Brooklyn’s pizza is so famous that Dominos has even tried to imitate their pizza with their own Brooklyn Style Pizza. Although many Brooklynites will tell you that it is not real Brooklyn pizza. The pizza war has been going on between Brooklyn and Manhattan for years now and it seems that Brooklyn keeps coming out just a wee bit ahead.


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